Eagle 3D Streaming hosted the next Networking Event

After successfully hosting the two Networking Events, Eagle 3D Streaming hosted another Networking Event for Leaders in Pixel Streaming on Thursday, June 18th, 2021 specifically for Agencies and Content Creation Studios.

Here are the Key Highlights from this Event: 

Pixel Streaming an application from the cloud removes the need to update the application on the native device. The application auto-updates in the cloud and pushes any new feature on your device. This innovative and interactive best-in-class Streaming experience enables your company to connect, educate, inspire, engage and build trust among the prospective customers in a virtual space.

Pixel Streaming is capable of being deployed on a global scale and offers high-fidelity imagery from any distance or location to any device such as PC, tablet/laptop, or mobile. For Example, Cesium 3D Tiles in connection with Microsoft Azure, NVIDIA, and Epic Games created a next-gen Proof-of-Concept (PoC) of a real-time flight simulator deployed on a robust global scale.

Pixel Streaming allows design tools and configurations that benefit the customer in gaining enhanced visibility. The collection of virtual Data through the customers’ feedback helps in modifying and improving sales and business leads. For Example, Noel and Marquet design elements offer a solution for creative interior design that converts every space into your own living space of choice and style that you pick.

Another use case of Pixel Streaming is in the automotive industry. Unreal Sales Configurator Tools have been used by large automotive companies like Cadillac, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Audi, and BMW. The tool allows the real-time customization of all aspects of a vehicle from rims to trim, to paint color. Similar applications can be hosted through the Eagle 3D Streaming platform.

The event was hosted by Edmund “Quintin” Anderson, CEO of Eagle 3D Streaming, and revolved around How Agencies and Content Creation Studios can use Pixel Streaming to enhance their client’s brand visibility and revenue.
Each guest was given the opportunity to present their Companies the use of Pixel Streaming and a special presentation was given by Louis Malafarina of daregraphic on making real-time 3D streaming affordable.

We thank all the attendees for their time and for sharing their views at this event:

  • Jan Heuff from Squint/Opera
  • Dave Hurst from INVIDAR,
  • Ian Helfrich from @Czarnowski,
  • Jeffrey Reeks from MIG (Multi Image Group),
  • Louis Tremblay Malafarina from daregraphic,
  • Bruce VanWingerden from MediaLab 3D Solutions,
  • Vassil Pepelyankov from eClerx,
  • Pierre Couture from daregraphic,
  • Carlson Bull from bully! entertainment
  • Stacey Jenkins from MediaLab 3D Solutions,
  • Valerie Schmidt from Eagle 3D Streaming,
  • Jay Chowdhury from Eagle 3D Streaming.
  • Quintin Anderson from Eagle 3D Streaming
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