Powerhouses in Pixel Streaming

Powerhouse in Pixel Streaming

Live Panel
Powerhouses in Pixel Streaming

Curious innovators like you want to know how best-in-class Enterprise Companies grow and create a successful UE experiences on the Web. Join us for a special Live Panel with Eagle 3D Streaming, Dorian Vee, Wolfgang Bernecker, Julian Crespi, and Samuel Abrahams to learn what works.

They’ll share their best tips for pixel streaming enterprise applications, including lessons learned from projects, the best metrics to focus on, UE5, and how to use advanced features like multiplayer and mobile successfully.

 Online – Eagle 3D’s YouTube Channel

March 30th, 2023
10AM – 11AM Central | 11AM – Noon Eastern |
4PM – 5PM UK | 5PM – 6PM CET


Join Eagle 3D Streaming, Dorian Vee, Wolfgang Bernecker, Julian Crespi, and Samuel Abrahams lessons learned, the metrics that have been most impactful for them, and how they’ve been able to create successful experiences in their respective fields.


Dorian Vee - Powerhouses in Pixel Streaming

Dorian Vee

CTO – Imerza

Dorian began his career with a background in VFX & CGI. A born entrepreneur, he started his first business at the age of 17 and successfully sold it to a national competitor. From there he went on to become Creative Director of the Village Voice in New York City. While in New York he earned his Masters of Architecture and began developing technology to visualize design. His work has been used on internationally renowned projects from Santiago Calatrava, SHoP, Snohetta and more. Dorian is one of the early pioneers of real-time visualization used for design. After leaving NYC, Dorian and Gary Hoyt partnered to create IMERZA.

Wolfgang - Powerhouses in Pixel Streaming

Wolfgang Bernecker

Owner – Futureact

Wolfgang Bernecker combines his education as an engineer with his experience in lighting design, managing business initiatives, seminars and workshops – and managing museums. Using a gaming engine as the tool, designing human centric and making connectivity easier to decide are the motivational pillars to impact the lighting and building industry.


Julian Crespi - Powerhouses in Pixel Streaming

Julian Crespi

Cheif Analytics Officer – Ecodrones

A technologist at heart with a lifelong passion for 3D. After 17 years of experience leading Animation and Post Production projects, I transitioned from Advertising to the Industrial world, to develop Digital Twins Applications using Unreal Engine and looking at new ways of mixing GIS with real time 3D applications. Now, at Ecodrones, I’m in charge of leading our team of Electrical Engineers, Data Scientists and Land Surveyors to help maintain the electrical grid through Drone inspections and AI.

Samuel - Powerhouses in Pixel Streaming

Samuel Abrahams

Co-Founder – Headcrash Hotel

Samuel is a BAFTA & Webby nominated film director. He has directed global ad campaigns for brands like Apple, Sony, and Google, and has won two Cannes Lions. Last year Samuel co-founded Headcrash Hotel with a fellow filmmaker Joesph White, to bring their premium ad-world aesthetic to the metaverse.

Quintin - Opportunities with Pixel Streaming-Part-II

Quintin Anderson

CEO – Eagle 3D Streaming

Quintin is a seasoned entrepreneur with a focus on real-time and digital technologies. He brings a deep passion to every aspect of the real-time streaming pipeline, serving as an evangelist for the industry. Outside of work, Quintin enjoys the peacefulness of trout fishing and the satisfaction of a well-crafted cigar.

Powerhouses in Pixel Streaming - Live Panel

March 30th, 2023
10AM – 11AM Central | 11AM – Noon Eastern |
4PM – 5PM UK | 5PM – 6PM CET


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