Seamlessly Transition to Eagle:
The Next Chapter in Streaming for Furioos Customers

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What does Eagle 3D Platform focus on?

Eagle 3D Streaming Platform excels in globally deploying Unreal applications with remarkable efficiency. Through their self-serve pixel streaming platform, Eagle empowers users to effortlessly distribute and stream Unreal applications within minutes. By eliminating the need for complex installations or hardware requirements, Eagle enables users to deliver high-quality, immersive experiences across various devices. The platform’s primary focus lies in revolutionizing the deployment of Unreal applications, making it accessible and convenient for developers and users to enjoy seamless, real-time 3D experiences anytime, anywhere.

Looking for a Furioos alternative?

If you’re seeking an alternative to Furioos, Eagle is the right choice. Our customer support team will assist you with any queries and make the platform migration process simple and straightforward. We have an exclusive tutorial that outlines the straightforward steps for migrating to our platform. You can find it here: Tutorial Link. Additionally, we offer demo calls where you can showcase your Furioos demo and learn how Eagle can assist you best with the migration process. Book a demo now: Demo Form.

Why migrate to Eagle?

At Eagle, we take great pride in providing exceptional support to our users. We understand the importance of prompt and accurate assistance for a smooth streaming experience. Our support funnel is designed to address queries and concerns promptly and efficiently. With a dedicated support team committed to delivering timely responses, we ensure that all questions are answered within minutes. Whether you need technical guidance, assistance with platform features, or troubleshooting support, we’re here to help. We value user feedback and continuously improve our platform based on their valuable insights. With Eagle, you can trust that you’ll receive the support you need, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free streaming journey.

Eagle Features:

Eagle 3D Streaming Platform is the ultimate solution for seamless and immersive streaming experiences. Our platform offers an array of innovative features that set us apart from the competition. 

  • Users can enjoy real-time communication with VOIP functionality during gameplay or virtual experiences. 
  • The multiplayer capabilities allow for collaborative sessions, while the self-serve feature enables effortless management and access to multiple applications simultaneously. 
  • Additional features include resolution control, toggle options for enhanced flexibility, app size management for efficient storage usage, and customization options for personalizing background, logo, loading, and play buttons. 
  • Eagle simplifies hosting by generating unique URLs for hosts and guests with just a few clicks. 

Explore a variety of streaming options tailored to your specific needs, including the ability to play videos during loading sequences. Stay informed about network conditions with intuitive icon toggles indicating network quality. Moreover, users can specify the maximum bit rate during streaming with the max bit rate feature. Elevate your streaming experience with Eagle 3D Streaming Platform and unlock limitless possibilities.

Support we offer for migrating from Furioos to Eagle:

If you’re seeking Furioos support or Furioos tutorials, you can check out our exclusive tutorial that demonstrates how simple it is to migrate to our platform. 

Follow a few straightforward steps outlined in the tutorial: Tutorial Link.

If you’re considering migrating from Furioos to Eagle, we invite you to explore our pricing plans alongside Furioos’ pricing plans. Visit our pricing page at Pricing Page. We understand the importance of affordability and strive to offer competitive pricing in the market. Our pricing plans cater to various needs and budgets, ensuring you find a plan that suits your requirements. By choosing Eagle, you gain access to our feature-rich streaming platform and benefit from our commitment to exceptional support and continuous improvement based on user feedback. Take a moment to explore our pricing options and make the switch to Eagle for an affordable and feature-packed streaming experience.

We Listen to You:

Experience the future of streaming with the Eagle 3D Streaming Platform. Our feature-rich platform revolutionizes the way you stream and engage with your audience. Enjoy real-time communication with VOIP, engage in multiplayer sessions, and effortlessly manage multiple applications with our self-serve feature. At Eagle, we value client feedback and continuously enhance our platform to provide an effortless and enjoyable streaming experience. Join us and unlock a world of streaming possibilities.

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