From Pixels to
Possibilities: BES Metaverse's
Visionary Journey

The Genesis of the BES Metaverse:

BES Metaverse’s inception was far from ordinary; it was born from a visionary concept aimed at redefining the virtual landscape. Founded by a dedicated team of forward-thinkers, the company’s mission was abundantly clear from the beginning: to revolutionize the way we experience virtual environments. This chapter takes an in-depth look into the early days of BES Metaverse, showcasing key milestones, groundbreaking achievements, and the brilliant minds that have driven this ambitious endeavor.

Image 1: BES Metaverse

The journey of BES Metaverse commenced with a daring question: “How can we enhance the virtual world?” This question acted as a catalyst for a dedicated group of tech enthusiasts who set out to redefine the realms of virtual reality and metaverse experiences. Their unyielding commitment to innovation and the creation of immersive virtual environments set the stage for their partnership with Eagle 3D Streaming. BES Metaverse emerges as a transformative force, redefining the way we perceive and interact with the digital realm. Led by the visionary Stan Pilev, this revolutionary project harnesses the power of Web 3.0 technology to create immersive virtual environments and introduces us to a new era of digital asset ownership.

The Journey of Stan Pilev:

Stan Pilev’s life story is a captivating narrative that traverses continents and industries. Hailing from Bulgaria, Stan’s early life was marked by profound challenges. At the tender age of 14, he found himself on a path of self-discovery and determination. His journey to London with a mere 150 euros in his pocket is the stuff of legends.


During his time in London, Stan ventured into various roles and industries, including the world of technology, real estate, and event organization. His unique background, combined with an unwavering passion for exploring emerging technology, prepared him for his current role as the Chief Architect of BES Metaverse. Stan’s life story is an ode to those who dare to dream, showcasing the boundless possibilities that the world of technology can offer to those who are willing to explore it.

The BES Metaverse Project:

BES Metaverse is far more than a digital recreation; it represents a revolutionary shift in the digital landscape. Rooted in web 3.0 technology and blockchain integration, the project empowers users to own, customize, and create digital assets, heralding a new era of digital ownership and self-expression. This chapter takes readers deep into the heart of the BES Metaverse project, exploring its vision, objectives, and the myriad challenges faced on the path to innovation.


At the core of BES Metaverse lies a sophisticated system of digital asset ownership, made possible through smart contracts on the Stellar blockchain. This section elaborates on the intricacies of this system, shedding light on how users can take control of their digital assets and engage in a truly unique form of self-expression.


Image 2: BES Metaverse – Current View

The Role of Unreal Engine and Pixel Streaming:

Unreal Engine stands as a cornerstone of the BES Metaverse project, renowned for its exceptional graphics capabilities. This chapter unveils the awe-inspiring visual quality and realism that Unreal Engine brings to the table, making it instrumental in the creation of immersive digital landscapes.


However, the real magic happens when pixel streaming comes into play. Pixel streaming isn’t just a technological feat; it’s the bridge that blurs the lines between the virtual and the real. This chapter delves into the complexity of pixel streaming and the ingenious ways in which Stan and his team pushed the boundaries of this technology to create an experience that’s nothing short of astonishing. Pixel streaming integration from Unreal Engine into the metaverse was far from a straightforward task. This chapter provides an in-depth look into the meticulous process of translating assets and preserving visual fidelity and interactivity within the digital environment. It’s a journey that showcases the unwavering commitment to delivering a seamless user experience.

The Stellar Blockchain and Digital Ownership:

Stellar blockchain is the cornerstone upon which BES Metaverse’s digital ownership model is built. This section provides a detailed exploration of how smart contracts on the Stellar blockchain empower users to truly own and customize digital assets. It discusses the numerous advantages of Stellar, including its low transaction fees and seamless user experience.

Metaverse with 100 Planets: Stan’s Vision Realized:

Stan’s audacious vision of a metaverse housing 100 planets is a testament to his ambition and the capabilities of his team. Each planet represents an individual digital realm, capable of hosting countless avatars. This chapter elaborates on the primary challenges faced in streamlining the minting process and ensuring the seamless deployment of assets onto the blockchain. The focus here is on enabling user accessibility and ownership of these digital realms.

Transition to Virtual Real Estate:

Amid the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, BES Metaverse undertook a remarkable venture by embracing virtual real estate. This chapter explores the bold decision and the innovative adaptation of real estate to the virtual realm. The narrative details the challenges encountered and how they were transformed into engaging, interactive, and functional virtual real estate solutions.

BES Metaverse Gears Up for Paris Blockchain Week 2024

BES Metaverse proudly announces its collaboration with Paris Blockchain Week, showcasing a significant presence with an engaging booth during the March 2023 event. Looking forward, we are excited to continue this partnership into 2024, further solidifying our commitment to innovation and networking within the blockchain community. Additionally, our recent alliance with stands as a pivotal milestone for BES Metaverse. As pioneers in the industry and the first Metaverse to secure sponsorship from a prominent VR hardware entity, this collaboration holds immense significance. Their support equips our team with cutting-edge VR hardware, propelling us toward the initiation of VR BES Metaverse streaming. This collaboration marks a new era in immersive experiences, reinforcing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of the metaverse landscape.

pixel_Streaming_Platform pixel_Streaming_Service Real-time_3D_Content_Streaming

Image 3: Paris Blockchain Week

Eagle 3D Streaming: A Perfect Complement:

The partnership between Eagle 3D Streaming and BES Metaverse is more than a collaboration; it’s a glimpse into the future of technology. This chapter dissects the synergy between the two projects, underscoring how Eagle 3D Streaming’s expertise in real-time streaming seamlessly dovetails with BES Metaverse’s vision, creating an amalgamation of innovation that heightens the user experience.


Eagle 3D Streaming isn’t just a streaming platform; it’s an integral part of the metamorphosis of the digital landscape. Together with BES Metaverse, they are at the vanguard of technological evolution. As these two projects continue to evolve, they will redefine the digital landscape and pioneer new frontiers for tech enthusiasts and visionaries.


In this forward-looking chapter, we explore how BES Metaverse and Eagle 3D Streaming are shaping the digital future. It emphasizes that the possibilities are endless when we dare to dream and harness the capabilities of emerging technologies. The BES Metaverse project, along with its partnership with Eagle 3D Streaming, serves as a beacon guiding us toward a new digital age where innovation knows no bounds. “Setting up dedicated servers was a real challenge, and I lacked the expertise to handle it. Thankfully, one of my team members discovered Eagle 3D Streaming. It was a game-changer. The setup process was surprisingly easy, and the Eagle 3D Streaming team provided us with fantastic support. Quintin, your communication was top-notch. They offered expert advice, which was immensely valuable. With their assistance, we seamlessly exported and uploaded our content, and it’s now seamlessly integrated into our website. This experience has been simply amazing.” – Stan Pilev, Founder of BES Metaverse. In his additional comments, Stan stated, “Choosing Eagle Streaming for our metaverse needs was a game-changer. Their platform’s real-time pixel streaming not only provided us with unparalleled immersive experiences but also revolutionized our sales strategies. With Eagle 3D’s high-fidelity visuals and seamless customization options, we were able to streamline decision-making, accelerate our speed to market, and enhance customer experiences. Their flexible deployment options and integration capabilities made the entire process effortless. Eagle Streaming truly delivers on its promise to elevate the metaverse journey for businesses.”

Image 4: Besidian Scene – BES Metaverse

In this remarkable journey, we’ve embarked on a quest to explore the nexus of imagination and technology, where BES Metaverse reigns as a pioneering force and Eagle 3D Streaming serves as the conduit to illuminate its brilliance. The collaboration between these visionary platforms transcends mere partnership; it epitomizes the fusion of innovation and the boundless potential of the digital age. As BES Metaverse invites us to take a leap into the limitless expanse of the metaverse, Eagle 3D Streaming provides the wings to soar through it. Together, they beckon us to a future where creativity knows no bounds, where the virtual and real worlds intertwine seamlessly, and where technology is the brushstroke painting the canvas of the digital realm. Welcome to a universe where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and where the extraordinary is but a glimpse of what’s yet to come.

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