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Real-Time Talk With Eagle 3D Streaming
Eagle 3D Streaming Real-Time Talk show is a live series that discusses the latest developments and trends in the pixel-streaming industry. It is broadcast on two Thursdays every month and features experts in the field as guests. Listen to our talk show, and subscribe to our channel to get more updates about our Podcasts.

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Expert Insights with Eagle

How to select your CoreWeave instance, region, and acquire quota for pixel streaming

Developer Series


In depth knowledge on how to leverage the Eagle 3D Streaming Platform for your project.


UE Pixel streaming is a technology developed by Epic Games to allow users to stream 3D applications like video games or architectural visualizations over the internet while maintaining high-quality graphics and audio.

Run your packaged UE application from your desktop or mobile using any modern web browser on one of Eagle 3D’s robust remote GPUs and get to enjoy the experience !

You can find it on our Website : Documentation Center

Our servers are located in Eagle’s datacenter in Texas in the US. We also support any Cloud GCP, AWS, Azure etc. We are also expanding to Europe so stay tuned for that!

The Trial period lasts 7 days and it is free. At the end of the Trial you will need to activate a paid account. We have 3 pricing plans. Find all our Prices here . Select your plan from here.

You can activate your account from your Control Panel through our Automated Payment system. Refer to this document to upgrade to a paid plan.

Yes, it is possible. You can cancel your membership from your Control panel and at the end of the month start a new subscription plan.

The maximum number of CCUs that we can provide for ‘’Self-Serve Streaming’’ (i.e. streaming from our US datacenter) is 15 CCUs.

However, if you need more than that, please contact support to discuss other options.

Yes, Eagle has an Enterprise pricing plan. Please contact support for more information.

Please contact support to discuss Enterprise options.

Follow our documentation on getting started and follow the steps of this document to upload your application with ease from the new Control Panel.

 Your Data will be stored on Eagle as long as you need them to, (i.e. until you decide to delete your apps or cancel your membership).

The upload size is unlimited currently. You get a free 10 GB and if you need more, we charge 10$/ 10GB on a monthly basis.

This is exclusive for our customers who are on the Enterprise plan. They have the option of choosing a custom domain name for their URL.

Yes, you can run multiple instances from one URL (i.e. you can open as many Tabs as the number of CCUs you have on the plan you have activated. To activate a plan, select it from here and follow this document). On Trial, you can open only 1 Tab.

Eagle 3D supports UE 4.27, UE5.0 , UE5.1, UE5.2 and UE5.3.

Any desktop or mobile device with a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Brave, Opera etc ..) is able to support UE Pixel Streaming.

You should enable the PS plugin in your UE project to be able to host your Apps on Eagle 3D Streaming. Follow this document to Upload your Apps and this to create Config settings from the new Control Panel.

You can simply use windows to deploy your projects with Eagle 3D.

The Supported archive format is ZIP, RAR, 7Z.

We are currently using RTX  3070/4080 GPUs at Eagle’s datacenter and on the Cloud it’s usually the T4 or A10 unless there is a specific customer request. we are Cloud agnostic and can use any GPU in any Cloud by any provider for your project.

The recommended resolution by Eagle 3D is 1280 x 720. However, we do stream full HD 1080p and more. See this document to set a resolution from the new Control Panel. Also, get to know our performance specs from here.

You can find and acquire the E3DS AutomationTools Plugin on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Simply follow this link to access the plugin: E3DS AutomationTools Plugin. 


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