Opportunities with Pixel Streaming – II

Opportunities with Pixel Streaming

Live Panel
Opportunities With Pixel Streaming

Curious innovators like you want to know how best-in-class Enterprise Companies grow and create a successful UE experiences on the Web. Join us for a special Live Panel with Eagle 3D Streaming, Mark Hamilton, Stephanie Muhlenfeld, Hannes Walter, and Matt Shouse to learn what works.

They’ll share their best tips for pixel streaming enterprise applications, including lessons learned from projects, the best metrics to focus on, UE5, and how to use advanced features like multiplayer and mobile successfully.

 Online – Eagle 3D’s YouTube Channel

February 23rd, 2023
10AM – 11AM Central | 11AM – Noon Eastern |
4PM – 5PM UK | 5PM – 6PM CET


Join Eagle 3D Streaming, Mark Hamilton, Stephanie Muhlenfeld, Hannes Walter, and Matt Shouse to share their best tips for creating successful UE experiences on the Web, including lessons learned, their research, and their own first-hand experiences with pixel streaming.


Mark - Opportunities with Pixel Streaming II

Mark Hamilton

Product Lead, Digital Twin – JLL

Mark Hamilton leads JLL’s Digital Solutions Team in the Middle East and Africa as a Digital Transformation specialist in the Real Estate Industry. With 10 years of experience, he focuses on maximizing value in real estate through technology, data, and streamlined workflows. Mark also represented Fortune 500 companies at Stanford University for Virtual Design and Construction and the Digital Cities Summit.
Stephane - Opportunities with Pixel Streaming-Part-II

Stephanie Muhlenfeld

Owner – The Squad Nation

A 20+ year veteran of the apparel industry, a bra and sports expert, known for her deep expertise in anthropometry and biomechanics. Her scope and breadth have expanded to the fields of integrated medical devices and wearables, in which her company, The Squad, utilizes XR platforms and pixel streaming to innovate across virtual and physical product pipelines.
Hannes- Opportunities with Pixel Streaming II

Hannes Walter

VP Product Marketing- Blackshark.AI

Hannes leads product marketing at Blackshark.ai – the geospatial metaverse company that built a photorealistic 3D digital twin of the planet using AI/ML applied to satellite and aerial imagery. He previously led business development for professional mixed reality software solution at major ICT integrators. Hannes hold a MSc in Media and Interaction Design
Matt - Opportunities with Pixel Streaming-Part-II

Matt Shouse

COO – Theia Interactive

As a Co-Founder of Theia, Matt leads the team of artists and developers in creating high fidelity Unreal Engine XR and metaverse experiences. As COO, he focuses on day to day operations as well as strategic planning, contracts, customer success, and ensuring projects are delivered on time and budget.
Quintin - Opportunities with Pixel Streaming-Part-II

Quintin Anderson

CEO – Eagle 3D Streaming

Quintin is a seasoned entrepreneur with a focus on real-time and digital technologies. He brings a deep passion to every aspect of the real-time streaming pipeline, serving as an evangelist for the industry. Outside of work, Quintin enjoys the peacefulness of trout fishing and the satisfaction of a well-crafted cigar.

Opportunities With Pixel Streaming - Live Panel

February 23rd, 2023
10AM – 11AM Central | 11AM – Noon Eastern |
4PM – 5PM UK | 5PM – 6PM CET


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