Transforming Cities with DOLL Living Lab: A Look into the Future of Smart Urban Living


Imagine a future where technology reshapes our cities, making urban life better than ever before. In this changing world, the DOLL Living Lab is at the forefront of innovation, working to transform our cities into smarter, more livable places. But what exactly is DOLL Living Lab, and how does it fit into this vision of the future?

DOLL Living Lab, which stands for “Danish Outdoor Living Lab,” is not just an idea; it’s a real place where important work is happening. It’s a hub where manufacturers, decision-makers,  industry leaders, and experts come together in Europe’s top smart city platform. Their goal? To create better cities and communities for all of us.

At its heart, DOLL Living Lab is a place where people with big ideas come to make those ideas a reality. They’re focused on making cities smarter and life more convenient. But how do they do it? One key part of their work is Eagle 3D Streaming, a special technology that helps them collect and show important information in real-time. This technology is like the digital engine that makes everything else possible. It helps with things like making transportation more efficient and finding ways to use energy in a smarter, greener way.

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Image 1: DOLL Living Lab

Shaping Smarter and Greener Cities: DOLL Living Lab’s Journey

Through careful research and partnerships with businesses and individuals, DOLL Living Lab is making our cities more efficient and eco-friendly. They’re finding ways to make transportation better and using energy in ways that are better for the environment. So, in simple terms, DOLL Living Lab is leading the way to smarter cities. It’s an invitation for all of us to see how technology can make our cities better places to live. Join us on this journey as we explore how DOLL Living Lab, with the help of Eagle 3D Streaming, is shaping the cities of tomorrow.

DOLL Living Lab goes beyond the conventional research and demonstration facility. It’s a microcosm of urban life, complete with schools, factories, residences, public transport, and a steady stream of commuters. This controlled environment allows for hands-on testing and experimentation.

DOLL Living Lab, stands as an innovative city microcosm within Copenhagen, where  sustainable urban futures are  actively being designed and tested. This unique space  hosts real urban life with schools, factories, homes, and public transport. However, its primary purpose lies in practical experimentation and the development of forward-thinking solutions.

A fundamental objective of DOLL Living Lab is to address urban traffic challenges. The lab endeavors to enhance traffic management and reduce emissions, particularly from heavy vehicles. In a strategic partnership with the national bus operator, DOLL Living Lab actively contributes to the optimization of bus routes, resulting in smoother daily commutes for residents. Another critical area of exploration within the lab revolves around lighting solutions. Researchers at DOLL Living Lab examine a spectrum of lighting options, including “tunable white” lighting that simulates natural light. By doing so, they assess how various lighting choices influence the environment and overall urban living quality.

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Image 2: Tunable White Lighting with LumenRadio’s Airglow

DOLL Living Lab, unlike traditional research facilities, is a permanent fixture. It serves as a continuous demonstration hub for multiple industries. Its purpose extends to aiding cities in the planning of their development by showcasing practical solutions. The true strength of the DOLL Living Lab is its capacity to seamlessly integrate diverse technologies. An ecosystem helps to facilitate this integration by creating an environment where creativity and real-world application are able to coexist. In summary, this is a dynamic urban environment within Copenhagen dedicated to shaping the future of urban living. Its mission revolves around practical experimentation, innovation, and ultimately contributing to the realization of a smarter, more sustainable Denmark.

Transforming Urban Life: DOLL Living Lab’s Impactful Solutions

Here, we are mainly going to focus on two remarkable projects that have the capability to impact urban life, even though DOLL Living Lab includes a wide range of creative projects.

Smart Traffic Management:

DOLL Living Lab tries to create smarter traffic systems. Imagine a city where traffic flows smoothly, emissions decrease, and the environment becomes greener. This is the vision brought to life by DOLL Living Lab.

Using advanced AI algorithms, the lab optimizes traffic flow, reducing congestion and lowering emissions. It’s not just about making the daily commute easier; it’s about creating a cleaner, healthier environment by minimizing unnecessary idling and fuel consumption. This initiative contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for urban communities.

Public Transport Optimization:

Reliable public transportation is the lifeblood of any city. DOLL Living Lab recognizes this and leverages real-time bus data to make it even better. By analyzing this data, the lab identifies patterns and trends in bus routes, leading to more efficient scheduling and route planning.

The result? Public transportation becomes more dependable, reducing congestion and carbon emissions. Unnecessary stops and delays become a thing of the past, improving the daily lives of commuters and enhancing the overall efficiency of urban transit systems.

In essence, DOLL Living Lab is not just a place for experiments; it’s a catalyst for real change in urban living. Through smart traffic management and public transport optimization, it’s creating a future where cities are cleaner, traffic is smoother, and public transportation is more reliable.

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Image 3: DOLL Living Lab’s Impactful Solutions

Enhancing Accessibility with Eagle 3D Streaming

In the collaborative journey toward greener, smarter cities, DOLL Living Lab and Eagle 3D Streaming have formed a dynamic partnership. As DOLL Living Lab evolved from its origins as a lighting lab to become an urban technology expert, Eagle 3D Streaming brought advanced streaming technology to the forefront. Here, we delve deeper into why Eagle 3D Streaming is a pivotal player in this groundbreaking project and how it enhances accessibility to the virtual iteration of DOLL Living Lab. DOLL Living Lab has harnessed the power of virtual labs and pixel streaming to propel its mission forward. These technologies provide a window into the future of urban innovation, offering immersive experiences that bridge the gap between technology, collaboration, and sustainability. The synergy of collaboration and cutting-edge technology drives DOLL Living Lab to showcase a path to a better and greener future at the heart of this collaboration.

Image 4: Path to a Better and Greener Future

Eagle 3D Streaming plays a pivotal role in making DOLL’s creative concepts more accessible than ever before. This partnership extends beyond mere conversation; it brings real-life scenarios into the virtual realm in real-time. Picture an interactive journey where learning seamlessly blends with enjoyment. This union empowers experts, tech enthusiasts, and inquisitive minds to collaborate swiftly on solutions for sustainable cities, translating teamwork into tangible progress. Eagle 3D ensures user-friendly accessibility, akin to the ease of using smartphone apps. This streamlined approach simplifies engagement, inviting individuals from all walks of life to participate. As Ben Cahill, , Innovation Manager at DOLL, aptly puts it, “We’re thrilled with the potential of our Virtual Lab and pixel streaming.” Imagine a scenario where gaming and making a positive impact on creating greener cities coexist seamlessly; this is the transformative effect of the Eagle 3D and DOLL collaboration.

Together, Eagle 3D Streaming and DOLL Living Lab are on a mission to elevate urban development. Their core belief is that a cleaner, greener world can be crafted through the fusion of technology and creativity. By embracing these lessons, we all become custodians of a world ready for transformation. As the world progresses, let DOLL Living Lab and Eagle 3D Streaming inspire us to envision a future where innovation and partnerships lead us towards a smarter, greener world.


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