Step into Your Dream Home with L- House: Where Imagination Meets Reality


Imagine a world where you can shape your dream home with a few clicks, tailor every detail to your liking, and watch it come to life in real-time. In the realm of real estate, the game has changed. The power to personalize and configure properties to your exact preferences has become a key factor in the race to stand out. Architects, developers, and buyers alike are diving into the realm of engaging and customized experiences.

Enter LUNAS with “L-HOUSE Home Configurator”, a software that’s reshaping how homes are visualized and purchased. This progressive technology, developed with Unreal Engine 5, is guiding a new era of interaction. With just a few taps, you can experiment with materials, furniture, layouts, and even witness day-to-night transitions to see your future home in various lights.

Slava Oganesian is the CEO and co-founder of LUNAS, a visionary company that uses Unreal Engine 5 to create unique 3D experiences. LUNAS has developed a number of tools like digital twins and configurators that help businesses communicate better with customers and bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds, providing new ways for customers to visualize and engage with products.

Imagine being able to explore your future home before it’s even built. With the LUNAS Configurator, you can do just that. Discover the future of home buying with the L-HOUSE Home Configurator – where imagination meets reality at the click of a button.

Customized Selling Configurator by LUNAS

In the current situation of real estate, LUNAS has established itself as a visualization expert, offering a state-of-the-art plot and house selling configurator that prioritizes customization. Through an extensive array of features and a user-friendly interface, LUNAS software enables potential buyers to curate every detail of their ideal home. From selecting the perfect plot of land to personalizing the facade and interior finishes, LUNAS empowers buyers to bring their unique vision to life. LUNAS stands out for its advanced features in filtering land options, smooth navigation, and easy customization, offering an experience that redefines real estate engagement.

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Image 1: Project’s Current Stage shown in L-HOUSE

Filtering Land Options

LUNAS recognizes the significance of discovering the ideal plot of land for a dream home. Understanding the need for simplicity, the software provides a smooth experience through its sophisticated filtering options, specifically tailored for price and area selection. Buyers have the freedom to input their desired price range and preferred land area, empowering the tool to present them with relevant choices that align with their criteria. This efficient feature not only saves valuable time but also enables buyers to concentrate on the most suitable land options, streamlining their search process effectively.

Step by Step: The Stages of Personalized Home Design with L-HOUSE

This interactive tool guides potential homeowners through distinct stages of development, offering a hands-on experience that brings their future dwellings to life.

Initial Stage: Get the Basics

In this stage, you’ll see the initial development layout, giving you a starting point to understand the community’s structure. But the real excitement comes in the next stages.

Current Stage: See It Live

Moving from the initial phase, the current stage of the LUNAS L-HOUSE tool shows you a real-time view of the development. It displays all plots, whether acquired or sold, so you can get a feel for how the community is shaping up and what makes it unique.

Future Stage: Imagine Your Future Home

In the next stage of the L-HOUSE tool by LUNAS, you experience advanced customization, seeing the community’s final look when all plots are claimed.

Navigating through these stages, the L-HOUSE configurator creates an engaging and personalized journey. It facilitates well-informed decisions, ensuring you forge a profound emotional bond with your potential residence.

Exterior Customization

L-HOUSE is your ticket to the perfect home, simplified. Here, you’re the designer. Play around with different looks for your home’s exterior and roof, check it out from every angle, and picture your arrival at your porch. Want a change? No problem – pick your house model and play around with varied material options. All of the options provided by the developer can be showcased in the software to ensure a wide array of project-specific choices. 

But it doesn’t stop there. With L-HOUSE, you can virtually explore your future home, take a stroll through your new neighborhood, and imagine the fun you’ll have in your backyard. See how your home looks at different times of the day and in every season, and watch your garden and backyard bloom over the years.

L-HOUSE simplifies your decision-making. It offers a lifelike digital experience that shows off the benefits of your future community. Get ready for a new way of personalizing your dream home and embracing community living.

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Image 2. Customization in the Final Stage

Interior Customization

LUNAS configurator goes beyond exterior customization, offering an extensive range of options to personalize the interior of homes. With L-HOUSE, buyers can virtually immerse themselves in the home and customize every aspect of the interior space, including furniture arrangements, finishes, and other interior elements. This level of customization allows buyers to envision themselves living in the space, turning a house into a personalized sanctuary that reflects their unique style and preferences. The software empowers buyers to turn their dream home into a tangible reality, ensuring a truly personalized and satisfying living experience.

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Image 3. Interior Furniture Customization

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Image 4. Interior Finishes Customization

Capturing the Essence

To create an immersive experience for buyers, LUNAS integrates captivating visual elements such as images and cinematic previews. The inclusion of these features adds depth and realism to the browsing process.

By simply clicking on the image icon, buyers can create high-quality real-time 3D renderings of their preferred designs. These renderings serve as a convenient reference for easy comparison and aid buyers in making well-informed decisions. The ability to visually capture and revisit desired designs enhances the overall experience and streamlines the customization process.

Furthermore, the software offers a video button that allows buyers to access cinematic shots of the property. These dynamic previews provide a realistic sense of the surrounding environment, granting buyers a deeper understanding of the property’s context. By offering this immersive visual experience, LUNAS Home Configurator assists buyers in gaining a comprehensive view of the home, facilitating more confident and informed decision-making.

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Image 5. Cinematic Preview of Home

Sealing the Deal

Upon finalizing their customization choices, L-HOUSE Home Configurator provides a smooth and efficient method to save and share their selections. The software offers a convenient feature that allows buyers to generate a PDF file encapsulating their personalized design choices. This PDF file can be easily shared via email with any relevant stakeholders involved in the buying process.

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Image 6. Sealing the Deal

By offering the option to create a PDF file, LUNAS ensures clear communication and facilitates the smooth progression towards home ownership. Buyers can confidently share their customized design preferences, enabling effective collaboration and minimizing any potential miscommunication during the next steps of the buying journey.

Visualize Your Dream Home Through Eagle 3D Streaming

In recent years, web accessibility has brought significant changes to the home buying industry, opening up fresh opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. Gone are the days when prospective buyers were limited to physical showings or static images when envisioning their future homes. Pixel streaming enhanced the LUNAS Home Configurator, making it accessible online and allowing buyers to navigate smoothly, easily accessing and personalizing their ideal homes with a simple click.

The constraints imposed by geographical boundaries and time limitations are now a thing of the past. Potential buyers have the freedom to access the configurator from the comfort of their own homes, at their own convenience. This enhanced accessibility not only broadens the reach of the home buying process but also empowers buyers to thoroughly explore properties and make well-informed decisions.

With web accessibility, the home-buying process has become more informative and engaging than ever before. Prospective buyers can embark on virtual tours of properties, accessing detailed information and experiencing lifelike 3D visualizations. The configurator empowers users to interact with various customization options, allowing them to envision their dream homes and tailor the properties to their exact preferences. “Unreal Engine has been a game-changer for us at LUNAS. Eagle 3D Streaming enables us to showcase the essence of our clients’ developments, allowing their potential buyers to emotionally invest in their dream homes before they’re even built. It’s not just a tool; it’s an experience that elevates the clients’ sales processes and sets new standards for customer engagement in the real estate industry,” says Slava.

By offering potential buyers an engaging and easily accessible configurator, it breaks down barriers and enables informed decision-making. This advanced technology marks a new era of home buying, where buyers can explore, personalize, and envision their dream homes with unparalleled ease and confidence.

As we look ahead, the future of home buying is bright with the collaboration of L-HOUSE Home Configurator by LUNAS and the advanced technology of Eagle 3D Streaming. This powerful combination is set to speed up the plot-selling industry.

It’s not just about pixels and images; it’s about emotions and immersive experiences. LUNAS is leading us to a future where buyers can engage emotionally, visualize vividly, and shape their dreams with ease. The magic of LUNAS and Eagle 3D Streaming shows how technology and vision can provide boundless possibilities. This effective duo reshapes industries, inviting us to redefine limits and reimagine home buying’s future. Let’s step into a world where imagination knows no bounds – explore, engage, and create like never before.

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