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Opportunities With Pixel Streaming

Curious innovators like you want to know how best-in-class Enterprise Companies grow and create a successful UE experiences on the Web. Join us for a special Live Panel with Eagle 3D Streaming, Bosco Bellinghausen, Ludvig Lovén, David Burnet, and Jacob Feldman to learn what works.

They’ll share their best tips for pixel streaming enterprise applications, including lessons learned from projects, the best metrics to focus on, UE5, and how to use advanced features like multiplayer and mobile successfully.


June 30th, 2022
10AM – 11AM Central | 11AM – Noon Eastern |
4PM – 5PM UK | 5PM – 6PM CET

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Join Eagle 3D StreamingBosco BellinghausenLudvig LovénDavid Burnet, and Jacob Feldman to share their best tips for creating successful UE experiences on the Web, including lessons learned, their research, and their own first-hand experiences with pixel streaming.

What you’ll learn:



Bosco Bellinghausen
Metaverse Architect – MetaVersus

A leading Metaverse expert from Germany. In 2019 he took a deep dive to learn how to create virtual worlds and 3D experiences with the Unreal Engine and discovered the Metaverse.  Bosco has been consulting, concepting, developing and delivering virtual worlds and 3D experiences since the beginning of 2020. In 2020 he started to experiment with Pixel Streaming and Cloud technologies as well and released his first own virtual world which was 100% pixel streamed in the same year.

ludvig Loven

Ludvig Lovén
Solution Architect BIM/VR – WSP

Trained as a structural engineer, Ludvig started his career doing BIM and Architectural Visualization. In 2015, he discovered Unreal Engine and has been fiddling around with it since. Currently Ludvig leads the software development team at WSP Digital & Information Management in Sweden. When not hunched over the computer, Ludvig plays guitar, skis or mountain bikes.

David Burnet

David Burnet
Founder and Director – INVIDAR

Multi award winning Realtime specialist building the next generation of platforms for the metaverse as Founder & Director of INVIDAR, with a background in games development and technology focusing on XR platforms and interfaces with Unreal. Avid PC enthusiast and Unreal tinkerer with a love of games.

Jacob Feldman
Software & Rendering – Coreweave

Combining a love and mastery of science, art, and technology to revolutionize digital experiences that inspire, inform and innovate.

I am currently developing next generation cloud native solutions at CoreWeave for VFX and Games.

Quintin Edmund Anderson

Quintin Anderson
CEO – Eagle 3D Streaming

Business executive with a focus on real time and digital technologies. Passionate about every part of the real time streaming pipeline and serving as an evangelist for the industry.  Lover of trout fishing and a good cigar.

Opportunities With Pixel Streaming - Live Panel

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June 30th, 2022
10AM – 11AM Central | 11AM – Noon Eastern | 4PM – 5PM UK | 5PM – 6PM CET

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