Eagle 3D Streaming is Epic Games MegaGrant Recipient

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Eagle is honored to receive MegaGrant from Epic Games

With this, Eagles’ Self-serve Pixel Streaming platform will continue to transform and shape its existing architecture by consolidating features such as Live Streaming, Multiplayer, Save-states, Shared sessions, Analytics, VoIP, Self-serve, and On-Demand enhanced services in a single platform.


Voice over Internet Protocol technology enables users to make voice over calls with the support of broadband internet service despite using a usual phone line.


Self-serve guides users through the process of setting up their application and stream the data with access control of streaming in an environment.


It is a media distribution process that enables access to content streaming on a device without a conventional audio-visual playback on users’ device(s).

Eagle 3D Streaming is the leader in Pixel Streaming with its revolutionary Pixel Streaming Platform based on the Unreal Engine where users can host the virtual events, stream walkthroughs and share Unreal Apps from own websites.

Epic Games has committed $100 million ranging from $5,000 to $500,000 in a variety of creative, noteworthy, and innovative projects built in the Unreal Engine across game development, architecture, film production, academic uses,and software tool development. Eagle 3D Streaming received a grant for the development of its self-serve Pixel Streaming platform.

Eagles’ Pixel Streaming Cloud Architecture is supported by a self-serve Pixel Streaming platform using the Unreal Engine. It offers a variety of streaming options such as Live Streaming, Multiplayer, Save states, Shared sessions (to multiple devices), Analytics,and VoIP in real-time. With our robust 3D Streaming architecture users can data stream using cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or can even use Eagle Data center. Multiple devices can be connected on a single platform for streaming on the cloud at anytime and anywhere worldwide with a good service i.e., 25 Mbps or so of internet network and connectivity.

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Eagle 3D Features

  • Live Streaming: Any internet-enabled device can let the user watch, create or share the 3D content in real-time.
  • Multiplayer: Multiple concurrent users can connect simultaneously to a single platform experience.
  • Analytics: It includes a wide range of data sources, telemetry through linked devices, log files, or any other information used for real-time aggregation and association, filtering, or systematic sampling.
  • Shared sessions: It can seamlessly broadcast events to execute over the same connection running on the same cloud-server within an existing user’s session ID(s).
  • VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol technology enables users to make voice over calls with the support of broadband internet service despite using a usual phone line.
  • Save states: This saves/stores a piece of digital information or the progress of users’ content in real-time.

We are grateful for receiving the MegaGrant from Epic Games and their contribution to developing a thriving community. We will continue to keep our long and standing relationship with Epic by focusing on developing the Next Generation Pixel Streaming platform with VoIP addition, reshaping the self-serve control panel, and enhancing the global on-demand potential capabilities.

Thank you, Epic, for your Incredible Support in Eagles’ Self-serve Pixel Streaming platform!!

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