Eagle 3D Streaming Hosts Networking Event for Leaders Innovating with Pixel Streaming

Eagle 3D Streaming Hosts Networking Event for Leaders Innovating with Pixel Streaming

Eagle 3D Streaming is the leader in Pixel Streaming with its revolutionary Pixel Streaming Platform based on the Unreal Engine. On April 22nd, 2021, Eagle 3D Streaming hosted a Networking Event for innovators in Pixel Streaming.

The Virtual Networking Event was hosted by Quintin Anderson, CEO of Eagle 3D Streaming with presenters Stéphane ELY, Founder of elycorp., Iasagora and inno.centre and Cesar Fragachan Pinzani of Zaha Hadid Architects.

Voice over Internet Protocol technology enables users to make voice over calls with the support of broadband internet service despite using a usual phone line.
Self-serve guides users through the process of setting up their application and stream the data with access control of streaming in an environment.
It is a media distribution process that enables access to content streaming on a device without a conventional audio-visual playback on users’ device(s).

The aim of hosting this Event was to collectively bring creative and innovative forces together and share groundbreaking ideas associated with Pixel Streaming applications of the future. Eagle 3D Streaming, for example, assisted Iasagora and inno.centre to interact with their creative film through Pixel Streaming without installation of anything on the viewer’s machine using a standard browser and an internet connection.

The Event helped Organizations and Experts present in the Event group individually to share and explore engaging ideas over real-time 3D and Pixel Streaming experiences with one another and gaining benefits of using it in their businesses.

We thank all of our Innovative attendees for your valuable time.
Stéphane ELY, Founder of elycorp., Iasagora and inno.centre – Presenter – for (discuss his Presentation)
Cesar Fragachan Pinzani – Presenter – for explaining his architectural complex shaped by Zaha Hadid Architects
Maurizio Sciglio Director, Unreal Cloud Services and Studio Director at Epic Games, for his piece of advice and expert insight sharing knowledge into Pixel Streaming technology.

And thank you to all our attendees:
Ludvig Lovén, Solution Architect BIM/VR på WSP i Sverige,
Lance Van Nostrand PMP, Director VR Broadcast Engineering at Digital Domain,
Kenneth Landau, CEO and Co-founder at GathR Virtual Studios Inc.,
Wolfgang Bernecker, CEO FutureACT | Management Consultant and Engineer (Telecommunication technologies),
Pierre Couture, Technology Trendsetter and Business Innovator, and
Valerie Schmidt, Director of Business Development at Eagle 3D Streaming.


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