Eagle 3D Streaming Hosts Networking Event for AEC Pixel Streamer Innovators

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Eagle 3d Streaming Hosts Networking Event for AEC Pixel Streamer Innovators

Eagle 3D Streaming is the Leader in Pixel Streaming and recently hosted a Virtual Event for AEC in May 2021. There were two Presenters at the event: Aaron Kocurek at Enhanced Image and Kenneth Pimentel, AEC Manager at Epic Games

Here are the Key Highlights from this Event: 

Voice over Internet Protocol technology enables users to make voice over calls with the support of broadband internet service despite using a usual phone line.
Self-serve guides users through the process of setting up their application and stream the data with access control of streaming in an environment.
It is a media distribution process that enables access to content streaming on a device without a conventional audio-visual playback on users’ device(s).

Eagle 3D Streaming has helped in overcoming pixelation challenges by updating to one of the latest versions of WebRTC in the Pixel Streaming plugin. Epic will also be updating WebRTC in the upcoming 4.27 release. Other updates include Linux and container support. Eagle 3D Streaming continues to support its clientele in finding a fully integrated cloud solution for their Unreal project.

We thank all the attendees for their time and for sharing their views at this event:

  • Aaron Kocurek from Digitally Enhanced Image Inc. – Presenter
  • Kenneth Pimentel from Epic Games – Presenter
  • Pat Carmichael from HKS, Inc.,
  • Cesar Fragachan Pinzani from Zaha Hadid Architects,
  • Luke Woolley from Populous,
  • Daniel Priori from Cognite,
  • Dirk Myers from NELSON Worldwide,
  • Ludvig Lovén from WSP,
  • Brenden Birdsell from OGL Engineering,
  • Fábio Martins from Almadesign,
  • Jose Rui Marcelino from Almadesign,
  • Aaron Sternberg from Epic Games,
  • David Craig Weir-McCall from Epic Games,
  • Ahsan M. from Eagle 3D Streaming,
  • Valerie Schmidt from Eagle 3D Streaming,
  • Jay Chowdhury from Eagle 3D Streaming.



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