Eagle 3D Streaming hosted the next event on Enterprise Solutions using Pixel Streaming

Eagle 3D Streaming - Hosted Event on Thursday, October 21st, 2021 at 10 AM Central | 11 AM Eastern| 4 PM UK| 5 PM CET for Enterprise using Pixel Streaming

Here are the Key Highlights from this Event: 

Thank you to Edmund “Quintin” Anderson and Valerie Schmidt of Eagle 3D Streaming for co-hosting the event and to Vassil Pepelyankov of eClerx and Pierre Couture of daregraphic for their wonderful keynote presentations.

We thank all the attendees for their time and for sharing their views at this event:

  • Jenny Randall & Neil Hooton from Arup
  • Kalyan Balachander from Bank of America
  • Marc Petit, Maurizio Sciglio, & Kenneth Pimentel from Epic Games
  • Keith McAughtry & Robert Fyfe from Jacobs
  • Aaron Kocurek from Lockheed Martin
  • Georg Wieland & Timo Fürtsch from Mackevision
  • Jonathan Lanny from NexTier Oilfield Solutions
  • Greg Jones & Sheri Nimtz from NVIDIA
  • Ludvig Lovén from WSP
  • Cesar Fragachan Pinzani from Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Valerie Schmidt from Eagle 3D Streaming
  • Jay Chowdhury from Eagle 3D Streaming
  • Quintin Anderson from Eagle 3D Streaming
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