Eagle 3D Streaming hosted the next event on Ecommerce Solutions using Pixel Streaming

Eagle 3D Streaming - Hosted Event on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 at 10 AM Central | 11 AM Eastern| 4 PM UK| 5 PM CET for eCommerce using Pixel Streaming

Here are the Key Highlights from this Event: 

The event was hosted by “Edmund “Quintin” Anderson”, CEO of Eagle 3D Streaming, and revolved around how eCommerce solutions using Pixel Streaming are enhancing brand visibility and revenue.

We thank all the attendees for their time and for sharing their views at this event:

  • Joseph Durr from 3Axis
  • Pat Hadnagy from Kinestry
  • Sama Alyasiri from nymbl
  • Stéphane ELY from elycorp.
  • Craig Laliberte from Epic Games
  • Jakob MacDonald from Jakob MacDonald
  • Brenden Birdsell and Mark Mattucci from OGL Engineering
  • Jaime Lopez Villegas Kenneth Landau from Mytaverse
  • Lance Van Nostrand PMP from XR Media Group
  • Cesar Fragachan Pinzani from Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Valerie Schmidt from Eagle 3D Streaming
  • Jay Chowdhury from Eagle 3D Streaming
  • Quintin Anderson from Eagle 3D Streaming
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