How to Upload Unreal Applications for Pixel Streaming

This video outlines the process for uploading any Unreal Application onto our platform for Pixel Streaming. Prior to uploading, please make sure the Pixel Streaming Plugin is enabled and that the file is zipped from the root folder where the Unreal.exe sits. 

Please note there are two scenarios that we are aware of that can prevent uploading from occurring:
  1.  Double check to ensure that there is nothing after the /ControlPanel/ portion of the URL.  For example:  If an app is attempted to upload with ‘#cost_sec is at the end of the URL, there will be an error when trying to upload.  Instead, remove the #cost_sec from the URL, and then try the upload again from a URL similar to this:

       2. Also, be sure to enter the name of the app before clicking ‘Upload New App’.  Clicking ‘Upload New App’ before entering an app                  name will result in an error.  Example shown here:  

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