How to Password Protect Your Eagle 3D Streaming Control Panel

This video outlines the process on how to password protect your Eagle 3D Streaming Control Panel.  To password protect your account, follow these steps: 

1.  Go to the Eagle 3D Streaming Control Panel (the URL you use to access your selection of apps

2.  Click ‘Sign up to Secure’ in the top right corner of your control panel

3.  Next, enter in your email, and password 
4.  Verify your email address
5.  Enter in Username.  Please note, the username entered must match EXACTLY as the username in your control panel URL.  
For example, if your control panel URL is: …/, then the username ‘demo’ should be entered.  However, if your username is …/, then the username ‘Demo’ should be entered.  
6.  After you enter in your username, your control panel will now be password protected! 


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