Unreal Engine Application Specifications for the Eagle 3D Streaming Platform


These are Unreal Engine specifications Eagle recommends to ensure your application performs appropriately in the cloud:

Resource Specifications

Eagle recommends these build specs as a benchmark for your Unreal Engine Cloud App:

  1. 16gb ram
  2. 8gb gpu ram
  3. I7 processor
  4. RTX 2070 GPU

Under these specifications, Eagle prefers to see applications using these types of resource allocations:

  1. 30 – 50% cpu utilization
  2. ~6gb ram
  3. 30 – 50% gpu utilization
  4. 4 gb gpu ram

Performance Specifications

Additionally, these are the guidelines Eagle recommends:

  1. 1280 x 720 resolution
  2. 30 frames per seconds
  3. No use of PAK files (see below image)

Checklist for Uploading Unreal Projects to Eagle’s Platform

And this is the checklist to adhere to before uploading application to our Platform:

  1. Pixel streaming plugin enabled
  2. All project files packaged into a single zip file
  3. Name of Unreal Exe matches exactly the name entered into Control Panel (see below image)

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