How to Use the Pixel Stream Control Kit

How to Use the Pixel Stream Control Kit


The Eagle 3D Streaming Pixel Stream Control Kit provides additional control and performance for your streams.  Eagle 3D Streaming has updated the Pixel Streaming plugin to one of the latest versions of WebRTC and has exposed parameters that allow you to control your streams.

Please note: In order to use our Pixel Stream Control Kit you must first compile your build using our custom version of the Unreal Engine (E3ds-UE4 Build) which you can find in the download section of your control panel:


To enable the Pixel Stream Control Kit first enable the ‘showPsControl’ tab, shown below:

Then, generate your URL as you typically would.  When your stream connects you will notice that you have an HTML dialog box in the top right corner of your browser stream tab.  This is your Pixel Stream Control Kit, and has the following options:

  1. Min Bit Rate – Specifies the minimum bit rate allowed during stream.  Setting a high min bit rate helps keep pixelation out of the stream, but will can cause an impact on frame rate
  2. Max Bit Rate – Specifies the maximum bit rate allowed during stream.
  3. Resolution – Specifies stream resolution
  4. minQP – Specifies QP value, which is inversely related to the quality of the stream.  The higher the QP value the higher the chance of pixelation in the stream.
  5. Apply Min – Apply preset settings for poor network conditions
  6. Apply Mid – Apply preset settings for spotty network conditions
  7. Apply Max – Apply preset settings for good network conditions
  8. Apply selected – Apply custom bit rate, resolution, and QP values

In addition to customizing your stream, the Pixel Stream Control Kit is equipped with a network diagnostic tool to determine the network quality of your connect.  This tool appears as an icon in the top left of the Pixel Stream Control Kit dialog panel.  The icon toggles between three colors based on network conditions:

  1. Green = Good network conditions
  2. Yellow = Spotty network conditions
  3. Red = Poor network conditions


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