How to use VOIP on the Eagle 3D Pixel Streaming Platform

Adding VOIP to your Pixel Streaming project is now easier than ever!  Now you can have a voice call with projects running the Guest / Host feature as well as multiplayer.  This means you can now communicate with others via the stream, removing the need for voice conferencing systems like Teams, Zoom, etc.!  To enable and use VOIP follow these steps:


1 – Enable ‘Use VOIP’ as one of your options on your control panel prior to generating your stream link:

2 – Select ‘Allow’ when prompted to grant access to microphone:

3- Click on ‘Call’ to initiate a VOIP session.  After clicking call you will be connected with others also in the VOIP room:

4- Select ‘Leave Call’ to exit a VIOP session

Current limitations:

  1. Available on Desktop only, mobile capability not enabled



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