Immersive Metaverse Experience by Ias.agora

Brand GamePlay, under the leadership of Stephane Ely, has developed a cutting-edge Metaverse experience that leverages the power of real-time 3D technology. The experience is hosted on the Eagle 3D streaming platform, which provides a seamless and barrier-free entry for users.

The Challenge

The challenge that Brand GamePlay faced was to increase engagement, collaboration, and innovation for their clients. After discovering the quality and potential of Unreal Engine, Stephane Ely decided to utilize Pixel streaming to bring this immersive experience to users on their computers or phones in multiplayer mode. Over the past three years, Brand GamePlay has developed and tested various iterations of their Metaverse experience, starting with a cartoon-style greeting card and gradually becoming more realistic.

Ias agora case study

The Outcome

The outcome of the experience has been positive, with users enjoying the multiplayer aspect and the ability to enter the Metaverse with ease. Brand GamePlay’s business has also benefited from real-time 3D technology, as it has enhanced the collaboration and innovation experiences for their clients. The company is now working on consulting for other brands to develop micro metaverses and is exploring the potential of immersive e-learning in the Metaverse.

Ias.agora Case study2

Stephane Ely explains that immersive learning takes traditional e-learning to the next level by allowing users to engage with the material in a more interactive and immersive way. Instead of watching videos or answering questions, immersive learning lets users enter a real-time 3D map and experience a quest to learn and discover new information. The goal is to make learning more engaging and interactive, allowing users to open up new rooms and knowledge as they understand and share experiences with others in multiplayer mode.

Overall, Brand GamePlay’s Metaverse experience powered by Eagle 3D streaming has proven to be a successful and innovative solution to enhance collaboration and engagement for their clients. With the potential for further growth in the field of immersive e-learning, Brand GamePlay is poised to continue leading the way in real-time 3D technology.

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