3D Live Streaming Services

3D Live streaming facilitates you to create commanding stereoscopic 3D experiences run on the cloud & directly stream to low-high-powered devices. To accomplish this seamlessly, on the wider scope it requires an architecture of WebRTC servers (signaling and TURN) & an Orchestrator which monitors and scales up/down pools of Virtual Machines VMs that host rendering applications. Clients link to the signal server & the orchestrator decides that VM shall connect the user.

The architecture is a great initiative for developers who create an enterprise-level large scale solution for distant rendering in the cloud. The 3D streaming services can be elaborated with the help of how a team can build the components to allow end-users to connect their desired experiences through internet connectivity.

3D Streaming of Videos has transformed the life of the audience from waiting to watch for longer times to it starts before a playback. Getting access to internet broadband services means the technology you are using online shall work properly. If you add 3D streaming to your business services offered on websites, there are advantages & disadvantages both. As there is instant playback in the streaming of videos, content is served to play on the immediate simultaneous download of the file. Special streaming of media servers also enables the user audience to play the video content forward and backward through a streamlined file. On the contrary, in the past internet days, the webmaster had no choice but to post a browser link on his website for the user(s) to download. But, seemingly this got changed over the period with the existence & growing demand for 3D streaming services.

Another benefit of the 3D streaming service is that it allows the visitor audience to download video files with copyrighted materials which helps in protecting your business content from online piracy & theft. The downloaded material can be shared across through other file-sharing networks and social apps & or other methods. Streaming of video content is a difficult technology to copy that prevents users to store a copy of your file on their computer unless you allow it. Sharing and distributing your content online, choosing specific public for accessing your business information with copyrights (privacy) protection is very crucial, though streaming is not perfect.

With other benefits apart, it offers clear quality sound while 3D streaming of your HD quality videos, no download time & no memory space is required to store the huge content files which might let you into trouble of your computer running out of memory or disk space.    Though the services trigger to accomplish on instant playback and copyrights on privacy protection from the online content pirates, it has a drawback that users cannot watch a video during playback if there’s internet disconnection, so no offline visual streaming is available. Another drawback is Streaming videos require high-quality sufficient bandwidth. For instance, if Netflix is streaming a different range of super quality videos then it requires the following Internet speed: for HD quality video streaming at least 5 Mbps internet, for Super HD quality 7 Mbps, for 3D streaming 12 Mbps. The speed of the internet plays a vital role whether it’s cable/DSL connections & those with slow internet connections can experience poor quality video content or may face issues with playback. So, mostly user(s) may have to reduce the video quality to match the scale of internet network speed to experience the uninterrupted playback video streaming. Contact us for 3D Streaming Services here:

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